Chief Jerky Officer

Cam Jurgens

Back in 1907 my great grandfather founded Jurgens Farms in the small town of Pickrell, Nebraska. For more than 100 years our family has farmed cattle, corn, hay, soybeans and more.

I was raised on hard work, attention to detail, and humility. It's the same qualities I bring to the game of football and now get to share with you through Jurgy!

We're ecstatic to bring you world-class products and can't wait to hear what you think.

Cam "Beef Jurgy" Jurgens, Founder & CJO

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Look Cool Eating Jerky

Show Your Colors

In this game you get to choose your jersey color. Stock up on your favorite jerky and look good eating it.

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9-11g of Protein per serving

High quality ingredients

No Nitrates / Nitrites, No MSG*

*Except for that which naturally occurs in soy sauce.