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In 1907, my great grandfather founded Jurgens Farms in the small town of Pickrell, Nebraska. For more than 100 years, our family has farmed cattle, corn, hay, soybeans and more. I was raised on hard work, attention to detail, and humility. These are the same qualities I bring to the game of football, business, and life.

So, where did the name "Beef Jurgy" come from? It all started in 2018, when I started my college football career as a tight end. Not long after, the team began trying me out at center because I proved to be one of the strongest guys in the weight room and had a knack for blocking. I started splitting time between tight end and offensive line. The coaches saw true promise in me on the offensive line, and I eventually made the switch to a full-time hog.

That's when guys on the team started calling me "Beef Jurgy". By then, I had put on quite a bit of weight– so it was a no brainer. The nickname was a combination of the past, present, and a play on my last name. It didn't take long for fans and media to pick up on it and make it stick. As my senior season rolled around in 2021, the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) laws allowed me to get creative and launch a business based off of my personal brand. Naturally, I leaned on my nickname and brainstormed ways to better connect with my fans and the community.

I started Jurgy with my mother, Beth. We made t-shirts and hats and started giving them out to family and friends. They were a hit, and soon we had more orders than we could handle. We searched for ways to start selling on a larger scale. That's when I brought on my good friend (and right guard!) Matt Sichterman, who's strong tech background was a key addition to the business. He helped us set up our online store and expand our product offerings. Right from the start, we had amazing support from the greatest fans in college football, who loved our merchandise and our story.

After a successful first year, we wanted to expand our product offerings. Beef Jerky was a no-brainer, but we had no clue where to start. Luckily, we found a local, small town meat locker in Nebraska that was willing to work with us. We worked with them to create the first version of Beef Jurgy Jerky. We had tons of fun handing out jerky to friends, family, and teammates– and right away we knew we were onto something special.

Things really started heating up when I attended the combine in 2022. I had 40 bags of jerky to share with the teams and media, but unfortunately I forgot them at home. That didn't stop the media from catching wind, and the coverage made for a lot of fun comments and social media posts. One post even eclipsed more than a quarter million views. Our little beef jerky business in small town Nebraska took the world by storm and the response from the community was incredible.

Towards the back half of 2023, we met to discuss the future of Beef Jurgy and focus in on a clear vision. We decided to move forward as "Jurgy". Don't worry, the beef is not going anywhere. We are committed to serving you with the best tasting jerky on the planet, and we won't stop until we get there. We are excited to announce that we are kicking off 2024 with five new Beef Jurgy Jerky flavors: Original, Hot Honey, Cracked Pepper, Mango Habanero, and Teriyaki! We are hard at work on new and improved products, and we have an amazing team around us bringing our visions to life.

Thank you for the support and for sharing the love of jerky! Eat meat, repeat!

- Cam Jurgens

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